LVIS World Tour


Some time ago (December 2011) Warren and his wife started a bike tour. I’ve just had an update and he’s still at it:

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BCBR – Day 3

John W and Dom are racing the BCBR over the next few days:


BCBR day 3 has turned out to be a good one! Fabulous breakfast at Campbell Ri followed by a ferry ride to get to Powell Ri for the start of stage 3. School busses dropped us at the ferry terminal and we walked on via the vehicle loading ramp as seems to be the norm here. A pleasant cruise across to the mainland gave time for an overly generous breakfast to go down and time to make some mental notes about the ride ahead.

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Las Vegas Institute of Cake


The Hill and Rockhampton WI are holding their monthly tea and cake extravaganza this Sunday so I thought I’d organise an LVIS peloton to ride up there and enjoy some pavlova in the sunshine. It’ll also give us the opportunity to present Joan, who co-ordinates the ladies for our Audax, with her very own LVIS apron and a cheque to be put towards their chosen charities and to contribute to the upkeep of the hall. Last year they bought some new blinds with some of the money though sadly not in purple and gold. We’ll be leaving the Blaise Castle car park at 1pm and riding at the speed of chat via the LVIS audax route. Please let me know if you want to come along for the ride.


BCBR – Day 2

John W and Dom are racing the BCBR over the next few days:

BCBR day 2 has turned out to be a much less extreme experience – thank goodness.

In order to prevent bottle loss (the drinking variety) I attached rubber bands to both bottle cages which loop over the bottle nipples which seems to have done the trick. It has also helped that the vast majority of the riding has been under the cover of trees as the weather is very similar to yesterday.


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BCBR – Day 1

John W and Dom are racing the BCBR over the next few days:

It’s the aftermath  the first day of racing and it’s been quite a challenge. The weather has changed from wet and cool to roasting hot and humid and those of us from cooler climes are finding it tough going!


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Henley Swim

wpid-facebook_1313053411Celebrating the arrival of something approximating summer, several LVIS members raced this morning’s Henley Swim . Happy faces all round… (admittedly it was very early in the morning)

BCBR (British Colombia Bike Race) – Day 0

John W and Dom are racing the BCBR over the next few days.

John’s first update:

Day zero of the race. Travelled over to Vancouver Island on ferry with bus at either end. Weather has turned sunny and is supposed to be set for the week so will be hot English summer temperatures. Legs feel good after 5 days of canoeing (ie minimal use!) and feeling relaxed after 10 days off work.


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Bill's Tour of Britain

A message from Bill.

Hello, as some of you already know I have signed up to ride the London Edinburgh London Audax at the end of July. See info :-

With this in mind I have recently completed 2/3rd’s of a coast to coast ride (long story), and then rode back from Skegness into an epic headwind last weekend, yesterday on my ride home I managed to clock up 1000 miles for the month of August – the first time I have managed this feat.

 The training is going well, however I have neglected thefundraising element of the ride. I will be meeting all the costs associated with the ride, all sponsorship will go directly to the two nominated charities – cyclists fighting cancer – and, Keep the beat –

I would be very grateful if you would consider sponsoring me via even £1.00 would be very much appreciated and give me more motivation to finish.Please could you share this mail with your friends and family? 

Nearer the time I will send out a link which should enable you track my daily progress on the ride –approx 200 miles a day!

Many thanks in advance.

Yours in Cake,


2013 Kit's here!



The 2013 kit is here! Collection as usual…

Go Vegas!

Welcome to the new LVIS website

This is the new LVIS website. It’s still very much a work in progress and the old site is still up and running for the moment:

EDIT – This site has now replaced the old one!

Summer Solstice swim 2013




Amongst others, Marcus and Matt took part in the traditional LVIS summer solstice swim early in the morning in the sea at Clevedon. Brave stuff and not just Marcus’ kit….

Bristol Bike Fest 2013 – Blood, sweat and beers


LVIS lined up at the Bristol Bike Fest with three official teams and two more pub inspired ones. The Singlespeed Superstars had chosen to have a year off but the mighty Boyd Bros duo were gunning for honours as a pair.

At the same time, the “Fast, medium, medium, slow” team were keen to offer John W the opportunity to get in as many laps as possible…

The race started with a new location and consequently a longer run than previously. The Boyds timed it perfectly and never really looked back, taking a fairly comfortable win.

Special mention goes to a Nathan and his interlopers team. Early on in a lap, Nathan managed to headbutt a tree (we think…) hard enough to lose a week’s memory and for a while any ability to form new memories. Despite this, Nathan finished the lap and only a couple of minutes slower than usual. He’s back to his normal self now and has finally stopped asking how his bike and helmet are…


Nouveau also tried his hand at blood letting

Welsh MTBing Weekend April 2013





LVIS took to the Welsh hills for a weekend’s MTBing and revelry. After a bigger night than planned on Friday, the start on Saturday was a little steadier than usual with Mike in particular having to moderate his pace…

The new White’s Level trails were fantastic and everyone stayed two wheels down.

The evening allowed a bit more beer sampling as well as Welsh gourmet cuisine, followed by an elite hill climb competition which was closely fought but ultimately won by the bookies’ outsider, Dom.

Sunday was due a deluge but LVIS kept the skies clear for long enough to get in a lap of Cwm Carn.

A brilliant weekend all round.

2013 LVIS Audax

al_audax_13  audaxice

The fourth edition of the world famous LVIS Audax took place at the weekend offering the usual mix of miles and cakes. This year, it had been decided by the organising committee that the previous editions had been rather relaxed and they organised some freezing conditions and a some strong winds to ensure a true epic.

Luckily riders turned up with smiles on their faces despite the conditions, likely helped by the lure of cake at the stops around the course.

Thank you to everyone who helped bring a slice of Nevada sunshine to a bitterly cold day in Bristol. As always the reports from everyone who made it back to Long Ashton were extremely positive with the best description so far being that it’s a “116km tarmac party!”. Presumably the party atmosphere continues on the 214km route but I have to admit there were quite a few 1000 yard stares on the riders coming back from the Ball Buster at the finish.

Massive thanks to:

The Signing on Team: Jeff, Dylan, Giles, Colin, Nick

The Kitchen crew: Steph, Ant’s Mum, Jo, Vicky, Lucy, Rhiannon, Kirsty’s Mum

The Barista: Johnnie

The Marshalls: Andy L, Jon x 2, Danny, Ruth D, Baggy and friends  Tim (with the unpopular LVIS horn), 

The photographer’s assistants: Kirtie and Tess

The Checkpoint teams: Ruth C and Andy P, Chris and team Qoroz, Ant and Celia, Phil and Joe

The Graphic Designer: Zoe

Everyone who baked.

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone who contributed but thank you too!

Special thanks to Baggy and Steph who once again stayed until the bitter end at 11:15pm to help clear the hall. Next year we will need to enlist more people for this!

We’ve raised around £2000 for Wateraid, Sustrans, Jole Rider and County Air Ambulance so a very worthwhile days work. 

For our 5th year in 2014 we hope to make the event bigger and better which will require lots more people to help out so please keep the end of March free if you can. More details to follow in due course.

Well done everyone, Barry would no doubt be very proud.

Photos are available here: ttp://

There is a great article on Road.CC about surviving several hours in the freezing cold wind: 



2012 News

2012 was a big year for LVIS. So much so that no one had time to update the news section though we’re playing catch up…

The Birmingham Chapter in the Alps

Newport Velodrome session

Some pics from an LVIS session at the velodrome

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LVIS at the Olympics

Tim C ensured that he made an impression at the Olympics…


2011 News

6th October 2011



Congratulations to Marcus for a brilliant result at the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships in Las Vegas.

Marcus finished 9th in his age group and 48th overall in the Age-groupers. A fantastic result.
Results: here

A proper writeup with pics of the man in his GB leotard to follow soon but in the mean time, here’s Marcus ripping up the Nevada tarmac during his warm up ride.

Go Vegas!



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LVIS attends the inaugural Ilfracombe Triathlon

Rory’s write up for the new Ilfracombe Triathlon

After minutes of training and investing seconds in team planning and team names, two members of the satellite LVIS fraternity entered the Team event of the Ilfracombe Triathlon last weekend. Angus “the human torpedo” Macpherson was nominated to swim the 400m sea swim whilst Rory “the pedal dancer” Macpherson was to cycle the 20km. Local lad Rupert “The” Hare was to run the final 5k to the finish. However even before they started things began to go awry when “The” Hare tore a calf muscle during a last minute coarsing session. So another local lad, Steady Stuey, was drafted in last minute to cover for the sudden loss.

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2011 Bristol Bike Fest

Some pics from LVIS’s all conquering Bristol Bike Fest squad

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LVIS does Tweed


On the 17th April an eclectic bunch of vintage cycle congregated at the Clifton suspension bridge for the inaugural Bristol Vintage Velo. Lycra had been swapped for Tweed, helmets for flat caps. Joining them were LVIS‘s very own Marcus and Kirsty with Tim and Rosamond both on their tandems. The on- hand Bike repair man was busy from the start trying to repair old Dursleys and cobbling new bits together to fix old ‘’distressed ‘’ bikes.

160 bike managed to finally leave and get across the bridge to Ashton court for an impromptu game of cricket. A look alike ‘WG Grace was finally bowled out and we were off to Tynsfield House.The Ancient peleton was moving so slowly it enabling us to pop into the Failand Inn  for a cheeky snifter and and pop back out to rejoin the end of the line of bikes.


At Tynsfield ,lashing of Ginger beer were imbibed and a an ice cream quaffed before the mass ‘tweed on wheels’ creaked its way to Flaxbourton Village Hall for afternoon tea and scones. Much Merriment was had basking in the sun listening to the fantastic 3 piece 1930’s band  ‘Hot Potaoe syncopators’ whilst lounging around sipping Pimms. The only frenetic afternoon activity was a scone and cream making relay on bikes.


It fair to say LVIS members have never been so slow on 2 wheels and enjoyed such a thoroughly splendid day out. A big toot toot, woof woof, ding dong to fellow LVIS member Antony for organising such a splendid Doo. See you next year.

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