2013 LVIS Audax

al_audax_13  audaxice

The fourth edition of the world famous LVIS Audax took place at the weekend offering the usual mix of miles and cakes. This year, it had been decided by the organising committee that the previous editions had been rather relaxed and they organised some freezing conditions and a some strong winds to ensure a true epic.

Luckily riders turned up with smiles on their faces despite the conditions, likely helped by the lure of cake at the stops around the course.

Thank you to everyone who helped bring a slice of Nevada sunshine to a bitterly cold day in Bristol. As always the reports from everyone who made it back to Long Ashton were extremely positive with the best description so far being that it’s a “116km tarmac party!”. Presumably the party atmosphere continues on the 214km route but I have to admit there were quite a few 1000 yard stares on the riders coming back from the Ball Buster at the finish.

Massive thanks to:

The Signing on Team: Jeff, Dylan, Giles, Colin, Nick

The Kitchen crew: Steph, Ant’s Mum, Jo, Vicky, Lucy, Rhiannon, Kirsty’s Mum

The Barista: Johnnie

The Marshalls: Andy L, Jon x 2, Danny, Ruth D, Baggy and friends  Tim (with the unpopular LVIS horn), 

The photographer’s assistants: Kirtie and Tess

The Checkpoint teams: Ruth C and Andy P, Chris and team Qoroz, Ant and Celia, Phil and Joe

The Graphic Designer: Zoe

Everyone who baked.

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone who contributed but thank you too!

Special thanks to Baggy and Steph who once again stayed until the bitter end at 11:15pm to help clear the hall. Next year we will need to enlist more people for this!

We’ve raised around £2000 for Wateraid, Sustrans, Jole Rider and County Air Ambulance so a very worthwhile days work. 

For our 5th year in 2014 we hope to make the event bigger and better which will require lots more people to help out so please keep the end of March free if you can. More details to follow in due course.

Well done everyone, Barry would no doubt be very proud.

Photos are available here: ttp://edrollasonphotographygalleries.instaproofs.com/store/?page=multipleCategories&event=788884

There is a great article on Road.CC about surviving several hours in the freezing cold wind: 



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