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LVIS Swim Squad New Years Day Dip

Members of the LVIS swim squad started the year with a traditional new years day dip at Clevedon Marine Lake. The conditions were cold and wet even before they took the plunge but on emerging from the chilly water everyone agreed that they felt refreshed, invigorated and ready to take on the challenges that 2014 would present.


James, Alex, Marcus, Neil and Zoe staying dry before getting wet

I1545904_10152234303754384_1754895029_n In they go.1503253_10152234304664384_1180606905_n Come on in, the water’s lovely!

1521412_10152234307634384_1174452140_n Smiles/grimaces all round

1554337_10152234306049384_1599100889_n Go Vegas!

LVIS Finish 36th for the 2012/13 AUK Club Competition


In the 1st year that LVIS has been approved as a club by Audax UK (after some convincing thst we were actually genuine) we have finished 36th out of 218 clubs across the UK.

Riders can score points for every 100km ridden in an official AUK event that is over 200km (rides below 200km aren’t considered long enough to count) or by asking for approval of your own route over 200km where the distance ridden can be verified.

In total LVIS scored 75 points for the 2012/2013 season so 7,500 km ridden between the 5 riders registered.

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