BCBR (British Colombia Bike Race) – Day 0

John W and Dom are racing the BCBR over the next few days.

John’s first update:

Day zero of the race. Travelled over to Vancouver Island on ferry with bus at either end. Weather has turned sunny and is supposed to be set for the week so will be hot English summer temperatures. Legs feel good after 5 days of canoeing (ie minimal use!) and feeling relaxed after 10 days off work.


Good atmosphere here with a very middle class, early-middle aged demographic: it’s an expensive week! Some very whizzy bikes here and I’m wondering whether I’ve brought a knife to a gun fight with my plain Jane Boardman hardtail 26er. It seems that full sus carbon 29ers are the consensus with lashings of carbon and bling…… Speaking of knives, Dom found a razor sharp mini commando knife tucked in the join between the seat squab and back of the school bus we were driven in to get here. Makes you wonder…..
Sharing a tent with Peter from Tennessee, who seems a pleasant chap. Dom had signed up for the luxury of a single tent. I hope Peter doesn’t snore. Earplugs were available at tent allocation so I picked up a pair just in case!
Early start tomorrow. Not sure if there’s on-line results tracking but I’m number 210 if you’re interested. If you google BC Bike Race the main site is pretty obvious.

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