BCBR – Day 7

Despite John’s injuries (see BCBR Day 6) he decided to keep riding and finished off the race:

I rode the last day of the race in the end. Started dead last with my seat post at full TT height to minimise the bending required of my right leg and gingerly set off after the hordes.


It’s true that you meet a more sociable bunch at the back and i had a pleasant time chatting to people i usually only saw in the dinner queue etc! Fortunately the stage was a big, gradual climb (i must have passed 25% of the field as i wanted ti keep riding steadily so my leg didn’t stiffen up).

After the climb we entered a huge DH track with massive jumps, tabletops and near vertical banked corners. I’d like to say that i ripped it up and wowed all the kidz but in reality the quantities of air i was getting were measured in mm not metres. The biggest challenge was the breaking ripples into the corners which were really jarring and sometimes almost craters.Exiting this section was both a relief to get through safely albeit with aching arms and hands from the bumps and overcautious use of the brakes and regret at not being able to do it any real justice. Still, can’t complain.

More climbing on singletrack and the single Enduro to follow which was a departure from the norm with some bottom gear climbs which were quite literally a pain in the ass. As for the DH section, i had lowered my saddle as much as possible to allow me to get over the back of the bike for the big steps and jumps. This made pedaling steep uphill rather awkward and uncomfortable but better this than the alternative…..

The remainder of the short 25km loop was a blur of enthusiastic support from all those on the trails, both on bikes and foot. It was a real end-of-term feeling for all concerned as we whooshed down the remaining dusty singletrack then along the few hundred metres of blacktop and through the inflatable finish banner for the last time.

So in the end both Vegas representatives crossed the finishing line and despite me missing a dozen or so km on day 6 i can safely say that a few detours along the way should have compensated for that.Dom had a safe and steady final day, revising the DH course but not the climbs. We both found the event challenging but utterly worthwhile.

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