Bristol Bikefest 2014

Several LVIS riders raced at the Bristol Bikefest at Ashton Court in Bristol. The organiser’s annual pact with the devil hadn’t quite been carried out properly this year as the weather wasn’t quite the usual glaring sun and dusty trails though after some initial rain, the day did largely stay dry.

LVIS had three racing – two ‘proper’ ones (consisting of Nouveau, Leon, Tom and Tim and then Nathan, Mark and Chris getting VFM by only racing with three members) and a third team taking part in the “Steve Worland ride singletrack hard & drink a swig of cider per lap” category. The latter category, while not maybe being the easiest to say, was pretty self-explanatory and the LVIS team of Celia, Paddy, Ant and Dylan going with the spirit of the event and riding entirely unsuitable bikes – CX bikes, fat bikes and a cargo bike.

Nathan continued his fine tradition of Bikefest disasters by breaking his little finger on his second lap but rode through the pain to the end.

Almost everyone seemed to enjoy the day but no one can quite recall the results (other than the ciders drunk – Chilli ginger being the winner by consensus) or in fact much of the day itself. Must have been the cider…


Sensible CX bike



Not sensible cargo bike



Paddy bravely taking the least risky position on the finishing ramp of DOOM!



Broken finger not pictured

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