LVIS attends the inaugural Ilfracombe Triathlon

Rory’s write up for the new Ilfracombe Triathlon

After minutes of training and investing seconds in team planning and team names, two members of the satellite LVIS fraternity entered the Team event of the Ilfracombe Triathlon last weekend. Angus “the human torpedo” Macpherson was nominated to swim the 400m sea swim whilst Rory “the pedal dancer” Macpherson was to cycle the 20km. Local lad Rupert “The” Hare was to run the final 5k to the finish. However even before they started things began to go awry when “The” Hare tore a calf muscle during a last minute coarsing session. So another local lad, Steady Stuey, was drafted in last minute to cover for the sudden loss.


A good strong wind on the morning of race day ensured there would be a good strong swell in the sea. Other than the torpedo, all looked a little anxious. Memories of his momentous South Devon sea swim in ‘83 must have been fresh in his mind. Made by his father, on that occasion, to swim the 25m through rough icy seas to retrieve his brother’s fishing rod which he had tossed in the drink “for a bit of a laugh”. (Launched like an Olympic javelin thrower is more accurate)! Sure enough, like in South Devon, he blitzed the swim, cutting through the sea, from crest of wave to the next, eventually landing on the beach like an orca after a seal!
And then into T1 where the pedal dancer was waiting nervously, legs twitching like… LVIS. If he had been paying attention, the course profile should have warned him what was about to happen. By the time he got to the top of the 3mile climb from transition averaging 17mph, any further dancing on pedals was more akin to the Harlem Shuffle.
Eventually returning to T2 a lesser man, Steady then took off like his predecessor’s nemesis. Maybe it was his son watching that inspired him to greater heights. Maybe it was the thought of being in the team of the gods? Either way, steady by name, steady by nature, Steady came home to secure gold. And there was much rejoicing.




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