LVIS Christmas Dinner 2014

Having finally caught up on the LVIS Christmas Dinner schedule, 2014’s event took part on 1st February at Roll for the Soul, Bristol’s fantastic cycling cafe.

Earlier in the day, the Champion of Champions event took place – a hill sprint up the steepest, unflooded road we could find locally. Despite weather forecasts of biblical proportions the 9 intrepid competitors stayed relatively dry and the event was a great success with Ev taking the honours for the men and Celia for the women.

The dinner itself was a fairly noisy affair with the highlight being the awards. The exact results are somewhat hazy but the best outfit prize was won by Tim C for his stunning effort which included these shoes


Other events were selected by the baying crowd and where necessary, the time honoured tradition of arm wrestling. We did discover that the tables weren’t up to the might of LVIS though…

Happy Christmas!



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