LVIS Finish 36th for the 2012/13 AUK Club Competition


In the 1st year that LVIS has been approved as a club by Audax UK (after some convincing thst we were actually genuine) we have finished 36th out of 218 clubs across the UK.

Riders can score points for every 100km ridden in an official AUK event that is over 200km (rides below 200km aren’t considered long enough to count) or by asking for approval of your own route over 200km where the distance ridden can be verified.

In total LVIS scored 75 points for the 2012/2013 season so 7,500 km ridden between the 5 riders registered.

Bill takes the top spot with 23 points after completing the epic 1400km London – Edinburgh – London. Have a slice of cake on LVIS Bill.

Johnatan, Matt and Marcus all earned the title of Super Randoneurs along with a shiny medal having ridden a 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km in the same season.

Kirsty was awarded her Randoneur 1000 badge having ridden 1000km in 1 season.

We’ve still got a way to go to catch up with the newly formed Audax Club Bristol who took the top spot with 1,031 points, helped in no small part by having Mike Lane amongst their members who takes the individual AUK cup having scored an impressive 228 points (22,800km!).

Looking to next year there is already talk of doing more Super Ranoneurs and there is also a rumour of an 1000km ride in Wales that could be interesting.

The AUK calendar has plenty of great events coming up through the winter so if you like mile munching then get entering:

If you’re not yet a member of AUK then it costs just £19 and saves you £2 per event while also being sent the fascinating Arrivé magazine full of pictures of beard and bikes. Remember to add Las Vegas Institute of Sport as yoru club.

Go Vegas!


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