LVIS in pink

Barry’s love of the fairer sex and associated weapons of mass distraction is well documented…. So it should come as no surprise that his ghost fully endorses a charity that focuses on kicking seven bells out of a particularly unpleasant illness…

During a recent and particularly addled séance Barry called upon the Vegas brethren to nail their colours to the mast in support of one of our own who has recently fallen foul of the Cancer Jabberwocky. So in a gesture of solidarity we ask you put down your dark and stormies and abstain from the classic resplendent gold and purple. Please fly the flag for Breast Cancer Care with this year’s Lycra haute couture, as part of the price will be sent the charity’s way in order to help those dealing with this vicious little disease.


To explain the story above (and it was approved in case you’re wondering…), Helen, fellow LVIS member, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her blog with the story is here.

This extra special edition kit (which was designed with her input) will raise some money for Breast Cancer Care not to mention look damn good. Bristol Street Motors are also sponsoring the kit and putting some additional money towards Breast Cancer Care.

Go Helen!


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