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Some time ago (December 2011) Warren and his wife started a bike tour. I’ve just had an update and he’s still at it:

The update from today:
 Your member from Scotland is still on the road after 2 1/2 years. Almost 36,000Km done so far – which is around the world 1 and a bit times. I am in country 29 – which is Bosnia. If you are thinking of doing some mountain biking in places where the maps do not mark everything and are often wrong – here is the place.  

If you would like to mention my website –   , that would be great – my mission is to get people out into the world on bikes.

I pop over to check up on the LVIS on occasions – and you still make me laugh. I have a suspicion I would be crap at Tri now – have almost forgotten how to walk I spend so long on a bike.

All the very best.


From 2011:
Dear Team  I have not done much with an LVIS kit on my back this year. But I do have a very good excuse. My wife and I are on year 1 of a multi year – round the world bike ride. So far we have done 10,000 miles – including riding up the west coast of the USA and then across from coast to coast.    Having a bit of a rest over Christmas and then we are off to Portugal to wait for the spring. Next year we ride across Europe to Sweden- up to the arctic and back down Finland. Then we go around the Baltic states.  I would recommend the States trip to anyone – a much underrated bike touring destination.- just click on the link at the bottom.GO VEGAS – you make me laugh out loud – what a team

Warren – no fixed abode

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