Putting the “mountain” into mountain biking

A quick write up of John and Dom’s trip to the Alps


Just back from a long weekend in the Chamonix Valley with Dom and our better halves. It seems that they have substantially bigger mountains than we do, some of which are eminently suitable for riding bikes down. They also have a rather natty system of ski lifts to minimise the effort involved in accumulating gravitational potential energy.

Highlight of the trip was 1200m of vertical descent from the Tete de Balme in Frane to Chatelard in Switzerland on the most perfect singletrack from exposed mountain top to picture postcard hamlets and forest. There are also enduro runs which involve varying degrees of steeliness on the part of the rider. We drew the line well short of the 4ft drop offs but there was plenty of less extreme riding to be done on man-made trails and near-deserted summer paths.

A couple of photos attached show scenic views interrupted by rather less picturesque blokes in purple and gold jerseys.



Chez Heidi



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