Things Huntingdon is famous for…

…the Cradle of the English Civil War and a crushing display of Power from
the LVIS Interlopers.



Having not exactly covered ourselves in glory at the Bristol Bike fest (blood yes, glory not so much), Mark was keen to represent the Northern Chapter of the Purple and Gold Vegas clan and put things right on September 7th.

He did such a good job of making me feel like a fraud that I begrudgingly agreed to crawl out of my pit at 6:00am on a sunny Harvest morning to ride the 95 miles (101 miles depending on who you believe) of the Wiggle Steeplechase Sportive.

Starting at 7:30 from Huntingdon Racecourse we were treated to a helpful tailwind which saw some overly exuberant speeds from the off. Miles were ticked off at a rapid rate and pacelines were treated with real disdain as no one seemed enthusiastic enough to keep up (except for a choice few who were far to eager to finish and were let go in the spirit of self-preservation)

At the turnaround point we faced the unpleasant fact that the tailwind we had enjoyed for the first two hours would now be our nemesis and it would be aided and abetted by the onset of cramp.

Thanks to some shrewd maneuvering (hiding behind strategic fat blokes) and a trojan effort from Mark towing me towards the final section, the next hour or so passed in a blur. The last 25 miles were dispatched with ease due to copious amounts of Jelly Beans and we managed a couple of comedy sprints for the paparazzi and a final 28mph dash for the line (well a protracted 10K but who’s counting).

We finished in 5 hours 20 ish, with a Gold Standard time just within an hour of the Weiner.

A well run event with great weather….. no Cake from the W.I. though, indeed Wiggle could learn a thing or two from the LVIS Audax; the event hardly deserved the “epic” tagline compared to the Horror of Dundry and The Monument in those cold days of March..


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