Virtual bike selection

For the WTRL TTT event you must not ride a Time Trial bike – these don’t draft or provide a draft so won’t be good for TTT anyway but are also against the rules. Unless the course is particularly hilly, the most aero bike is usually best. A good guide to the best equipment at each level is here.
If you have unlocked the Tron bike (Z1 concept) then it is almost always the best choice other than on the flattest or hilliest courses.

How it works

Since Zwift doesn’t have dedicated Team Time Trial event functionality, WTRL TTTs work a little differently from other Zwift races.

The main details of the events are here: https://www.wtrl.racing/ttt/TTT-Rules-and-Info.php

  • Teams of 4-8 riders organised by zwiftpower class (A,B,C,D) into ‘Coffee Categories’ (Mocha, Latte, etc) depending on the numbers of different classes of riders in the team
  • Each team aims to complete the course in as short a time as possible
  • The team’s time is taken from the 4th rider over the line except if there are only 3 or 4 riders in which case the 3rd finishing rider’s time counts
  • The course changes every week – some are flat, some hilly, always fun.

All riders must join the race pen before the start time – there is no late start irrespective of your start delay (see below).

As the event clock (blue “1:19” at the top right on the screenshot below) counts down to zero, this is when your team captain will start a timer (outside of Zwift) for the ‘start delay’. You should NOT start pedaling when the main event clock reaches zero.

Image result for zwift event pen clock

Teams start at 1 minute or 30second intervals. Each team has a time delay (eg 4 minutes) which is how long they have to wait after the event clock reaches zero until they actually start. If a member of your team crosses the line before the correct time, they may be disqualified and the team as a whole may also be!

Typically your team captain will call out a count down to your start time and tell you to start pedaling with 3 seconds to go – the lag in Zwift will mean that you don’t cross the line before the start time.

Advanced option: When waiting in the pen after the event clock has counted down to zero, you must not pedal or you will cross the line. You can, however, bring up the pairing screen (which applies the virtual brakes to your bike) – press A on PC – and then pedal without your bike moving, so long as the pairing screen is still up. If you do this, you must stop pedalling long enough before your start time for your trainer flywheel to stop before you leave the pairing screen (or you’ll cross the line) – most people leave 30s – 1min for this.

Image result for zwift pairing screen
Pairing screen

The Race

Once the race starts, it’s pretty simple – get to the finish line with your minimum number of riders as quickly as possible. The more complex part is doing that efficiently and that is achieved by riding as a team – drafting each other, avoiding gaps, keeping consistent pace and recovering when not on the front. Typically the aim is to ride in a line rather than a blob but this takes a lot of discipline and practice particularly when not on the flat.

Overtaking / being overtaken

You are not allowed to draft other teams or riders so if your team is caught by another team, you must slow down to let them past smoothly (typically dropping approx 0.5w/kg) and then let them get 3 seconds ahead before getting back to normal pace. Similarly if overtaking, you should aim to get through the other team quickly and avoid the dreaded ‘sticky draft’ if you catch and then slow down.


Most teams use some form of voice comms during the race to organise, encourage, tell jokes, etc…

Discord and facebook messenger are the main apps used. A set of sports headphones are pretty much essential for this.

Warm up

Many teams will organise a Zwift meetup before the race so that the riders can get warm, practice their formation, and check that their comms are working before the race. Most teams will transfer to the race pen (eg click on the ‘Join Event’ button) about 5 minutes before the official zone start time (note, not including the delay time since all riders need to be in the pen by the official start time)


Info on drafting (short version, save up to 30% power from 4th rider): https://zwiftinsider.com/speed-tests-ttt/

TTT skills: https://zwiftinsider.com/ttt-master-class/

Route guides: Sherpa Dave publishes a weekly guide to the upcoming race course, best bike to use, etc. eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uiKzEHJwKw